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Listen Now to Ep. 33 - Featuring Evan Harrington

This week on Up Close In Personnel with Alex Brown, Evan Harrington from the Washington Football Team joins us to talk about finding mentors and international recruiting!

In this episode, Evan Harrington, who serves as the Assistant Director for Player Engagement with the Washington Football Team, shares incredible insight from his impressive (albeit young) career in the coaching profession.

With the experience of playing at the JuCo, FBS, NFL, CFL, and International levels, along with coaching across four different countries, Evan might be the most traveled football coach in the world.

Throughout the episode he speaks to how it is so critical to hold onto and cultivate relationships with people that have invested in your life. Finding mentors and surrounding yourself with those that will push you to be your best, is a major key to success in this industry (and any industry for that matter).

Additionally, Evan gives a Recruiting 101 tutorial on how to recruit internationally. Where to look (Germany and Sweden for BIGS, Austria for the most well-coached players, and France for speed), and the importance of figuring out what type of coaching these recruits are receiving.

At the end of the day, his lasting advice boiled down to "being where your feet are". Do your job right now with the awareness that there is always someone out there that would kill for your job. Build relationships with others in the industry when you don't need a job (not just when you need one), and never burn a bridge.

To follow Evan and his work, check out his Twitter at @CoachH49 and check out his new show on International recruiting on YouTube called "The Morning Session".

Click the links below to tune in on your favorite platform, and be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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