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Listen Now to Ep. 37 - Featuring Joan Ryan

In this episode, we take a deep dive into Joan Ryan's new book "Intangibles" and break down what team chemistry truly is.

Chemistry isn't simply defined or contained, but there are two distinct types of chemistry -social and task chemistry.

Social chemistry is what we commonly think of, in terms of social and emotional connectivity. Task chemistry is all about the job and having complete trust in your teammate on the field. Complete task chemistry is that "foxhole" mentality and pride in playing for one another.

And to create true chemistry, there are three stages that Joan outlines:

1. Trust: This is a foundational piece to Joan's philosophy on team chemistry, as no meaningful relationships can come about without the establishment of trust. We must begin by trusting our teammates and proving our own personal trustworthiness.

2. Bonding: The second step is bonding. Once trust is established, we are able to create a bond through the hardships and adversity we face as a team. The power of bonding and love for your teammates is the strongest binding force for team chemistry and togetherness.

3. Commitment: The final stage is commitment, and not commitment to simply a goal or vision but a commitment to each other. The "Just Us" mindset of the Golden State Warriors was Joan's prime example of a team committed to one another.

Within teams, there's also a variety of roles that leaders must be aware of so that they can communicate and lead at a high level. In "Intangibles", Joan lists seven archetypes that we detail on the show but it's not as simple as selecting a set number of archetypes.

Team chemistry is not like actual chemistry in that there's a specific formula for success. As stated in the book, "His role on the field is prescribed… His role in the clubhouse is not. He has to discover it. He gathers signals from teammates about what they value in him. They don't know they're filling a role. They just do it."

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did in recording it, and encourage you as the listener to pick up her book "Intangibles" and follow Joan on Twitter at @JoanRyan!

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