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Listen Now to Ep. 48 - Featuring Gaizka Crowley

As we head into a new year on the show, I've decided to circle back with previous guests of the show that have risen to new roles since their last appearance.

Last week we checked up on Eric Galko and his new gig with the Shrine Bowl (click here to listen to that episode). This week, we now shift gears back to the college football recruiting world with Gaizka Crowley!

Gaizka, who last appeared on the episode 8 to talk about the differences between FCS and FBS Recruiting, now is the Director of Player Personnel at UNLV and as real influencer in the college football personnel space. Teaming up with a host of sponsors (including Up Close In Personnel's OFFICIAL SPONSOR - War Room) and Nevada-Reno's Director of Recruiting - Lucas Gauthier (you can follow him on Twitter at @Lgauthier_), Gaizka is spearheading the first ever, DPP Spring Clinic.

This professional development opportunity is a big topic of discussion on this show, and will be commencing May 27-May 28 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV!

The format of the clinic will be panel-based, roundtable discussions led by thought leaders in the industry and recruiting/personnel members from across the country. Gaizka's main focus was to create an engaging, networking opportunity for people in the industry as we currently lack the connectivity that the coaching industry seems to have.

During the episode, there were some great nuggets on how Gaizka is approaching his new position at UNLV and also how he attacks job interview opportunities. Here are some key takeaways from the show:

On preparing for the interview, Gaizka works off a portfolio template that covers many things on the program he's interested in but two things stood out to me:

  1. Evaluate the most recent signing class (in as much detail as possible; he creates full, one page reports)

  2. Breakdown their recruiting "heat map", identifying their hot and cold spots (regionally) across the country, along with where there are potential market inefficiencies/areas to get more involved in geographically

In addition to more insight into how to prepare for the interview, Gaizka closed with stressing the importance of hitting home three key points. Know your strengths, know the language the team is speaking and their vision for the program, and don't try to do too much. To give an example of Gaizka's three main things, he brings up three traits that he will bring to the building every single day:

1. Unbelievable Organization
2. No Ego
3. Gratitude

And before you ask someone for a job or toss out your resume, ask yourself these questions

"How can I provide value to this person?"
"What problem can I solve for them?"

Then go out and execute!

It was another awesome episode with a great friend and impressive individual in the industry; to find and follow Gaizka, head over to Twitter @Gaizka_UNLV!

To sign up for the DPP Spring Clinic and get more information, also be sure to follow @FBPersonnel on Twitter and click on the image below to register now:

Thanks again for tuning in and click any one of favorite podcasting platforms to listen to the show!

Up Close In Personnel is brought to you by Warroom!

Used by teams in every P5 conference, all the way down to the high school level, they have packages that will take your program to the next level! For more information, as mentioned in the show, reach out to Moose Bingham at (801) 808-7754 or go to for more information!

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