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Episode 1 - Featuring Bryan Carrington of UT, Talking Relationships with College Recruiters

When I was thinking of starting a podcast, I knew right away who guest #1 would be. Having been fortunate enough to work alongside this man at the University of Houston, Bryan is someone I learn from everyday and truly one of my closest friends.

From showing me around campus when we started together as interns at UH, to chopping it up as Directors five years later vs one another, this will be a ton of fun to record and insightful to both recruits and those pursuing careers in recruiting.

The topic of episode 1 will be about "Building Relationships With College Recruiters."

There's more than one way to interact with each episode: comment below with any and all questions you have on the topic; send questions in via the home page of; Tweet me at @AlexM_Brown; or email the show at

For recruits and parents, understand that due to NCAA Compliance rules, we will be unable to use your name on air when answering these questions but please send them in anyways as we will still be answering all of your questions!

Thanks for following the show, stay safe and God Bless! -AB

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