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Listen Now to Ep. 35 - Featuring Brian Metz

In this episode, Brian Metz walks us through his journey from equipment student manager to full time, Tight Ends coach with the Ohio Bobcats!

As we discuss his approach to networking and career growth, as well as his recruiting process, it's easy to see how and why Brian is where he is. He's passionate about having a "beginner's" or "growth mindset" and takes pride in being what he calls a "master observer". Here are some quick bullet points from the episode and thank you for tuning into the show!

The "Beginner's Mindset"

  • Similar to "growth mindset" - process over outcomes

  • Be acutely aware of what you don't know

  • Hustle to learn everything you can about what you don't know

  • Follow your curiosities when learning (IE snowball effect)

Advice for Volunteer Coaches/Recruiters:

  • Be a "MASTER OBSERVER" (IE a fly on the wall)

  • Show gratitude for those that are supporting your career

  • Understand your role within the program:

    • Support the mission and vision of those above you

    • Think critically and write down everything you like/don't like

Advice for Networking in the Coaching Profession:

  • Network UP (to those above you) and OUT (to those on the same level or below)

  • Begin with the end in mind

    • If you want a job: be prepared to handout resumes and present

    • If you want to meet new people: go to the main lobby and engage others

  • "Stratify" or Prioritize people you have to see and overcommunicate

Building "Player Profiles" in Recruiting

  • As mentioned with networking, begin with the end in mind

  • Study what has been successful at your program and in your conference

  • Breakdown the roles and duties of each position

  • Find players that fit your culture and your system with traits to succeed

You can find and follow Brian on Twitter at @CoachBrianMetz!

Click the links below to tune in on your favorite platform, and be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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