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Listen Now to Ep. 36 - Featuring Colby Carthel

In this episode, Coach Carthel gives us an inside look on the challenges his Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks faced on the field as a team and off the field in recruiting this past year.

With the Southland Conference cancelling conference games, Coach Carthel and SFA put together a full, 10-game, non-conference schedule and made it happen!

This was one of the more fun show to be a part of and we hit on everything from coach's affinity for the state of Alaska, what he's learned from his dad through coaching together and all the major shifts seen in the college football recruiting landscape over the past 20 years.

Throughout the episode, you will hear Coach Carthel emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. Whether that's your personal life, professional or in the recruiting process, this applies to everyone.

  • For recruits: who are the types of coaches and players you want to align yourself with? Every interaction with college coaches and recruiters is an opportunity for you to evaluate their character.

  • For college coaches: who are the types of coaches you are willing to work alongside and who are the types of players you want in your program? Culture is built up of the collective character of the people in your building, so what does that look like?

To the recruits out there, coach also provided advice on how recruits can make better decisions during their recruiting process:

1. Do your homework on the head coach

  • What's their background? What kind of person are they? Job stability?

  • Lean on your high school head coach to help you assess the head coach.

2. Go through the current roster and ask the players about the program

  • Coaches will tell you what you want to hear.

  • Players will give you the real truth on what to expect.

Lastly, Coach added in what he looks for when hiring his staff:

  1. Good People

  2. Great Recruiters

  3. Sound Football Coaches

In that order, Coach looks for men of strong character, Christian morals and leaders of men, because that is the ultimate role of a coach - leading others to success.

To follow Coach Colby Carthel, check him out on Twitter at @CoachCarthel!

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