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Listen Now to Ep. 38 - Featuring Marco Regalado

This week on Up Close In Personnel with Alex Brown, Marco Regalado joins us to talk about his motivating journey from being a high school coach and viral sensation to breaking into the college football recruiting industry!

This is a show I've wanted to record ever since the middle of the pandemic!

Due to NCAA rules, I am unable to record with current high school coaches (that are associated with recruits) BUT....

now that Marco Regalado has been named a Recruiting Analyst with Washington State University, we now are graced by his presence!

Jumping on the show after driving nearly 2,000 miles from the DFW to Pullman, Washington, Marco made time this weekend to talk about his amazing path from high school coach to college football recruiter.

In this episode, we cover everything from how Marco makes his viral TikTok videos to his love for the game of football and desire to help other people. What I enjoyed most about the conversation is how genuine Coach Regalado is as a person, how he embraces all of his past experiences and plans to put those lessons to use at the next level!

*When giving advice to college football recruiters in dealing with high school coaches, here are two main points made my Marco:

1. Follow up with everyone!

  • Good, bad, or indifferent, let the coach know you watched their prospects. Whether or not you sign the player is irrelevant, the coach just needs to be able to provide his player with constructive feedback.

2. Don't Ask Who's Offered!

  • First off (we didn't say this on the show), you can easily check 247, Rivals, Twitter or ask the kid. Second, you have to trust your eyes and not your ears as an evaluator. Evaluate the student athlete and then do your investigative work.

**As far as presenting yourself on social media as a college recruiter, Marco also gave great advice for how to put your best foot forward:

  • Don't be vulgar -it's not attractive and not professional at all

  • Be weary of opinions -you're representing more than just yourself

  • Be yourself and have fun -don't take yourself too seriously!

I know Marco is going to do great things at the college level and I hope you took something away from this episode! You can follow him on Twitter at @CoachRegalado, and easily find him on TikTok!

Click the links below to tune in on your favorite platform, and be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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