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Listen Now to Ep. 42 - Featuring Ed Jones

In this episode with returning guest - Ed Jones, we take a deep dive into what player development looks like from the structure and programming, all the way down to specific examples and success stories of former student athletes he's worked with!

Generational impact is the foundation of the "Beyond The Field" Program, and we start things off with what inspired Ed to launch the program publicly and help so many player development professionals in the process.

As mentioned in the show, Ed made the jump from Kansas to Baylor since our last recorded conversation and we discuss what his new role as Assistant AD for Player Development looks like! His responsibilities include mentoring student athletes, working lockstep with Head Coach Dave Aranda to establish Baylor's culture, and being the glue between staff and players.

The first main takeaway for this episode, is the importance of EDUCATING student athletes in their first year on campus - aka "Newcomer Orientation"
  • Who are the people in our football program? Athletic department? On campus?

  • How will those people interact, engage and impact the experience of your players?

  • Where is everything located? Are we providing them answers to the test or tools to survive & thrive?

  • What are program expectations, standards, etc.? You have to educate before you hold them accountable.

Continuing on that path of development, Ed broke down the three PILLARS OF DEVELOPMENT
  1. Personal Wellness -helping players grow as young adults & prepare for success in life

  2. Community Impact -creating opportunities for players to help impact others in the community

  3. Career Development -providing tools, resources & guidance for success professionally

Within each of these pillars, we break down different aspects of what Ed describes as the "Learning Process" for student athletes. That is, what the progression of development should look like from freshman year to senior year.

I really enjoyed recording this one, not only because Ed is one of my best friends, but also because of his deep knowledge of this field. No matter what route we took, he had experiences, examples and stories to draw upon.

If you're interested in purchasing the "Beyond The Field" eBook, please visit Ed's website - - and follow him on Twitter at @EdJones2!

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