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Listen Now to Ep. 43 - Featuring Dane Brugler

In a repeat appearance, we are fortunate to have the likes of Dane Brugler jump on air with us to talk through a STACKED 2021 NFL Draft class of quarterbacks!

This episode will kickoff season 3 of the show and the goal is to spotlight evaluating and scouting around the NFL Draft from a variety of bright minds and perspectives!

Stay tuned for more draft-centric content as we near the 2021 NFL Draft and enjoy this week's material!

Topics covered in this week's show:

  • Dane's Annual NFL Draft guide, aka "The Beast"

  • Is Trevor Lawrence truly a "Generational Talent"?

    • "He emphatically checks a lot of boxes" - Dane Brugler

    • Prototypical size, tools, arm talent, mobility and quick decision making

  • How should scouts separate skill from scheme & supporting cast?

    • Ex. 1 - Mac Jones & the perfect situation (elite OL, run game & playcaller)

    • Ex. 2 - Zach Wilson & how he can't control the opponents he plays

    • Ex. 3 - Justin Fields & the impressiveness in Ryan Day's playcalling

    • Ex. 4 - Trey Lance & the low passing volume of NDSU offense

  • Why is Zach Wilson entrenched at the #2 slot on Dane's board?

"The single trait that separates great quarterbacks from good quarterbacks is the ability to make the great, spontaneous decision, especially at a crucial time." - Bill Walsh

  • What makes Trey Lance so exciting as a prospect?

    • High IQ and FBI, exceptional physical traits in terms of arm talent and mobility

  • Debating the #3 Overall Pick for the Niners:

    • Making the case for Justin Fields - elite traits and high ceiling

    • Making the case for Mac Jones - arguably most accurate passer & best decision maker

  • The Uniqueness of the 2021 NFL Draft

    • Potential to be the first draft where QB's go 1, 2, 3, and 4 overall

    • Also, potential to be first draft with 5 QB's in the Top 10 overall picks

It was a fun episode to record, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I want to thank our first sponsor of the show - Warroom for backing us at Up Close In Personnel! Used by teams in every P5 conference, all the way down to the high school level, they have packages that will take your program to the next level! For more information, as mentioned in the show, reach out to Moose Bingham at (801) 808-7754 or go to for more information!

To find and follow Dane's work, check him out on Twitter at @dpbrugler, and be sure to check out The Athletic for his 2021 NFL Draft Guide - "The Beast!"

Click the links below to tune in on your favorite platform, and be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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