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Listen Now to Ep. 44 - Featuring Mike Tannenbaum

For Episode 44, the second in our NFL Draft series for season #3, it was an honor and privilege to have a former NFL General Manager on the other end of the call!

Mike Tannenbaum, former NFL exec, current NFL Front Office insider for ESPN and founder of The 33rd Team joined the show to share his insights on team building and the NFL Draft!

Boiling down his former role behind the wheel of a couple NFL franchises, Mike dropped this gem of a quote in saying that a GM is "The point guard of information." Phrases like organizational alignment, value and team needs peppered a conversation that zoomed in and zoomed out on the lessons Mike's learned from his experiences in the league.

Topics Covered in This Week's Show:

  • The 33rd Team - An NFL Think Tank that approaches the draft just like all 32 teams do

  • The Value of Metrics in Draft Prospect Evaluation- IE: arm length, relative to position

  • Mike's Book on how to run an NFL Franchise & Shifts in Positional Values recently

  • Family Business - End of the Day Personnel Meetings between Parcells & Mike

  • Warroom & Front Office Stories from Mike's days as a Jet

  • Advice for young, passionate people in the personnel space

If you're not already subscribed to The 33rd team, click the link above and do it for your own good! To find and follow Mike's work, check him out on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @RealTannenbaum, visit or tune into ESPN's NFL Draft coverage this coming week!

Last but not least, Up Close In Personnel is brought to you by Warroom!

Used by teams in every P5 conference, all the way down to the high school level, they have packages that will take your program to the next level! For more information, as mentioned in the show, reach out to Moose Bingham at (801) 808-7754 or go to for more information!

Click the links below to tune in on your favorite platform, and be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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