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Listen Now to Ep. 45 - Featuring Wade Phillips

Draft weekend is finally here and this is a phenomenal episode with insights from longtime NFL coach, Wade Phillips! From career advice, to team building, evaluating and war room stories, there's so much to take away from this episode.

From a topic standpoint, we talked about how Coach sustained success for such a long period of time, how he approaches players and scheme, his University of Houston playing days, why he got into coaching, and the involvement of coaches in the NFL Draft process.

In discussing the right mix of scouts and coaches in the draft process, Wade emphasized alignment. No matter what the decision is (or who it's made by), the entire staff and front office must be all-in and committed to moving forward in alignment. He also brought up the importance of knowing your staff, who is a good evaluator and who is a good coach.

As it pertains to the predraft process for NFL coaches, we also take a deep dive into the high volume of responsibility and catching up that needs to be done. The end of season review, free agency, players reporting and draft prospect film watching all come to a head during this time of the year.

Coach Phillips broke down how he approaches his evaluations and weighting the different pieces of information. This is important for scouts at the high school, college and pro levels of football to consider and focus on:

1. Game Film
2. Football IQ
3. Practice Habits

All this and draft day favorites were discussed, so enjoy the show and enjoy the NFL Draft this weekend!

If you're not already, be sure follow to follow Coach Phillips on Twitter at @Sonofbum and be looking for his podcast to drop soon!

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