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Listen Now to Episode 13 - Featuring John Peterson

This week in Up Close and Personnel with Alex Brown, retired longtime NFL scout John Peterson hopped on the show to talk recruiting and personnel in the world of college football. This is the first half of our conversation, where we focus on recruiting.

John is both a dear friend and respected mentor that I have looked up to ever since we met; I was just a young college student, hungry to learn how to scout like the pros! Years later, it's an absolute honor and privilege to have him on my show.

In Episode 13, John breaks down a multitude of factors involved in the recruiting game.

When it comes down to what it takes to recruit at a high level, it's pretty simple: you have to be able to communicate and connect!

We discussed the fundamental phases of recruiting, what recruiters must be knowledgeable of, and the incredible experiences that have shaped John's distinguished and successful football career. Below are just some notes I took from this week's episode, highlighting key points that John details further in the recording:

What Are The Four Phases of the Recruiting Process?

  1. Identification: Building your prospect list (internal and external sources)

  2. Qualification: Determine the fit, on and off the field (critical factors & character)

  3. Evaluation: Determine the value (system fit via position specifics)

  4. Recruitment: Establish a connection (with player and decision makers)

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Recruiter?

As a recruiter, John makes a point to emphasize the importance of having a true passion for recruiting. The best recruiters enjoy every aspect of the process, from studying the tape to connecting with recruits to visiting with coaches on their recommended players.

Furthermore, you must know your product, your market and your competition!

As is the routine each week, here is your listener's guide to the show:

  • What You Must Possess & Know to Succeed in Recruiting (7:00)

  • Four Phases of Recruiting: Identify, Qualify, Evaluate, Recruit (10:59)

  • Evaluating Work Ethic and Learning Styles in Others (36:59)

  • The Importance of Communication & Connection (44:05)

  • Biggest Influences on John's Career (49:06)

  • Analyzing Your Own Learning to Develop Your Craft (54:17)

  • John's Experience as a Teacher & Coach at the College Level (1:02:26)

  • "Quality People Build Quality Programs" (1:11:51)

Thank you for listening to another episode of Up Close In Personnel with Alex Brown! To learn more about the college recruiting course John Peterson teaches, don't forget to visit the Scouting Academy!

Next week's episode will be the second half of this conversation with John, and will center around personnel and evaluating at the college level!

And if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

Send in your suggestions for guests and/or topics by commenting below or via email at and stay tuned for next week's episode release! -AB

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