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Listen Now to Episode 15 - Featuring Austin Schaffer

Austin Schaffer, Director of Scouting with the Cincinnati Bearcats, stepped into the booth this week to break down Cincinnati's success on the recruiting trail and how to win your in-state battles!

This episode is all about the nitty gritty of evaluating, building a culture within your staff and what it takes to successfully navigate the player personnel profession.

It's been a consistent them with guests of the show, but Austin does a great job of explaining why you have to be your true self through genuine and authentic actions to succeed as a recruiter.

Also, there's much to be learned from Austin's own process for developing. Being from Cleveland, OH, Austin details how he's taken lessons from both the dysfunction of the Browns and the championship run in 2016 by the Cavs.

Lastly, we talked through what it takes to land big-time local recruits and here were the main takeaways I got from the discussion:

  • Don't hesitate to pull the trigger if they dominate as underclassmen

  • Talk to the player's HS coach as much as possible to indicate interest

  • Get the recruit to initiate calls within the rules to develop the relationship

  • Get them on campus early and often to learn about your school

  • Get them to your summer camps to learn how your staff coaches

  • Get them around your players, who are your best recruiters

  • And generally maximize contact points prior to junior year

As I do each and every week, here is your listening guide for topics covered:

  • Being Genuine & Authentic as a Recruiter (5:40)

  • Creating Accountability in Recruiting (7:54)

  • Learning & Growing in the Profession (10:18)

  • Team Building Lessons Outside of Football (20:30)

  • From Cleveland To Cincinnati: Austin's Football Journey (27:46)

  • The "Tough & Nasty" Culture at Cincinnati (34:30

  • Austin's Role as Director of Scouting & UC's Recruiting Staff (36:54)

  • Topic of the Week: "Winning Your In-State Battles" (40:54)

  • Building Your Network & Contacts as a Recruiter (43:01)

  • Identifying & Recruiting Impact Underclassmen (50:01)

  • Working Your Area & Having a Pulse on Local Talent (53:21)

  • Battling Exposure Bias with In-State vs National Recruits (57:09)

Thank you so much for tuning in to Episode 15 of Up Close In Personnel with Alex Brown! If you'd like to track Austin on Twitter, you can follow him at @AustinSchaffer2!

And if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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