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Listen Now to Episode 25 - Featuring Jordan Arcement

UVA Director of Recruiting Communication, Jordan Arcement joins us on Up Close In Personnel to talk about how he got into the game and how recruiters can best connect with recruits during the recruiting process!

Over the course of this podcast, we've had multiple guest bring up how important relationship-building is in the process and how it separates the good from the great recruiters.

Still, this is one episode where we dig past the surface and provide specific examples of how to execute; and while some of the conversation gears around Jordan's experiences, there are two main principles that any recruiter can take away from this episode.

1). You need to DEFINE YOUR WHY (PURPOSE).

Jordan's why is deep, it's tough, but it's real, authentic and relatable to recruits. Growing up in a single parent household after losing his father, Jordan seeks to provide that mentorship and guidance as a father-figure to recruits who may not have a father in their life. Moreover, he also endured career ending injuries and is able to relate to the uncertainty and doubt that clouds an athlete's mind when the game is ripped away.

2). Secondly, you have to BE ORGANIC (AUTHENTIC).

Everybody likes to talk ball, but that's also the only thing most people talk about with recruits. Don't be afraid to open up and be vulnerable with the recruit you're engaging with. Trust is vital, and it's a two-way street -you have to give it in order to receive it.

As you get to know more information about the person you're talking to, find common interests and common ground that you can hone in on. Once you've found that connecting piece, you're able to have a different relationship than other schools and stand out.

If you enjoyed listening to Jordan talk shop, you can follow him on Twitter at @JordanArcement!

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