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Listen Now to Episode 27 - Featuring Tony Cappuccilli

Tony Cappuccilli, a well-traveled MiLB manager within the LA Dodgers' organization, stepped up to the mic and delivered insights on the intersection between player development and scouting in the Big Leagues!

Joined by Tony Cappuccilli - Manager with the Ogden Raptors (rookie ball club within the LA Dodgers' farm system) episode 27 is loaded with material for anyone trying to learn more about teambuilding, coaching, player development, scouting and recruiting!

As a member of the Dodgers' since 2017, Tony's hoping that the third time is a charm when it comes to World Series runs as they now face the Tampa Bay Rays!

Let me know what you took away from the show, but here are a few of my favorite notes from this week's episode:

Advice on Navigating the Coaching Profession

  • You have to constantly evolve -"what got you there, won't keep you there"

  • Be ready to pay your dues -are you okay with volunteering?

  • Find the right fit -make sure you can make the most of an opportunity before going "all-in"

Building a Winning Franchise - The Los Angeles Dodgers

  • They have really good people, first and foremost -no problem guys

  • Leadership starts from the top down, creating a winning environment and culture

  • "Don't suck as a person", do things the right way and everything falls into place

Breaking Down an MLB Scouting Report

  • Athleticism and how the player moves, first

  • Offensive ability second

  • Strengths, weaknesses as a player

  • Areas for Improvement

    • Must include how the player communicates and takes coaching*

  • Projected Role on the team

"Do's and Don'ts" for Recruiting Emails

  • Put the coach's name in the address

  • Talk about the school and show them you've done your homework

  • Keep the email text short and to the point

  • Keep any video attachment short and to the point

  • Know what you're expecting to receive -a camp invite

Thanks again for listening, if you liked hearing from Tony - be sure to follow him on Twitter at @tcapp19! Follow the links below to tune in on your favorite platform, and be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

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