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Listen Now to Episode 4 - Featuring UTSA's Joe Price

Joe Price, the Director of Player Personnel at UTSA joins the show to drop some knowledge on business, networking, relationship-building, coaching and recruiting in football! Having the experience of being a recruiting coordinator both at the high school and collegiate ranks, Joe breaks down what it takes to be successful in those roles & much more!

In this week's conversation, we talk about:

-Best practices for networking in the football industry

-Why genuine relationships are so crucial to success as a recruiter and as a professional

-How to present yourself and be impactful when meeting people for the first time

-How to best support and promote your players as a HS Recruiting Coordinator

-Advice for parents going through the recruiting process with their child

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Send in your questions for the next episode by commenting below or via email at and check back Monday morning for the announcement of our next guest on the show! Enjoy the rest of draft weekend and see you next week!

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