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Listen Now to Episode 6 - Featuring Pac 12 Network's Yogi Roth

In the sixth edition of Up Close In Personnel with Alex Brown, we covered it all! Yogi Roth, a former Pitt WR, USC QB Coach, Elite 11 Producer, current Pac 12 Networks Football Analyst, Podcast-extraordinaire and down-to-earth, genuine family man, absolutely brings the heat!

We cover it all with regards to evaluating, recruiting, why it's so important to truly have a love for this game and how the recruiting landscape has changed for quarterbacks!

There's so much to unpack in this episode, but one line stuck out above the rest for me personally when Yogi said:

"My biggest opportunity, and my biggest responsibility, is to live and listen like my life depends on it"

With that said, I wanted to bring more in-depth show notes to you all as the listener and will provide a timeline guide for each show moving forward! Enjoy!

Ep. 6 - Yogi Roth - Living and Listening Like Your Life Depends On It

  • Evaluating at the NFL and Collegiate Levels (4:00)

  • Yogi's philosophy on the recruiting process (10:55)

  • The "Wonderswitch" (13:05)

  • Pete Carroll's approach to recruiting (20:25)

  • Yogi's influences as an analyst and his process (23:35)

  • Finding meaning and relationships with words (34:05)

  • Coaching at USC, "The Unreal Launching Pad" (38:40)

  • What separates the good from the great? (42:17)

  • The evolution of recruiting quarterbacks (49:21)

  • Developing your decision criteria as a recruit (1:01:44)

  • Yogi's process for calling a game (1:10:10)

  • The importance of emotional intelligence (1:14:39)

  • Yogi's sendoff message (1:18:29)

Thanks again for checking in and listening! You can follow Yogi on Twitter at @YogiRoth and also check his latest podcast show, Ted and Yogi's Pac 12 Adventure!

Also, be sure to subscribe, rate and share the show!

Send in your questions for the next episode by commenting below or via email at and check back Monday morning for the announcement of our next guest on the show!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend & Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all the mom's out there!

Love you mom! -AB

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