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Listen Now to Episode 7 - Featuring Jesse Ornelas

Central Oklahoma RB Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, Jesse Ornelas steps into the booth to break down his journey through football, the JuCo life, experiences on Last Chance U and lessons he's learned in recruiting.

For episode seven of Up Close In Personnel with Alex Brown, we discuss what it really looks like at the Junior College level for both coaches and players.

Jesse Ornelas from Central Oklahoma is someone that focuses on building trust as a recruiter and takes pride in his ability to evaluate.

Taken from his days at Independence CC, a.k.a. "Last Chance U", Jesse has learned to "recruit relentlessly" and "turn over rocks" as an evaluator.

At the end of the day, this is just a great episode for recruits and coaches looking to learn more about JuCo ball.

  • Key traits of successful recruiters (3:23)

  • Jesse's football journey (18:30)

  • Jimmy Garoppolo & training eye (23:48)

  • Last Chance U & the JuCo Grind (27:30)

  • Topic of the week: Junior College Recruiting (42:00)

  • Crash Course on Qualifiers, Non-Qualifiers & Bouncebacks (43:15)

  • Questions college coaches need to ask & what recruits should expect (46:38)

  • What does it take to "get out" (51:15)

  • Common misconceptions around JuCo Football (53:40)

  • Printer problems and coaching for Jason Brown (58:05)

  • Sendoff message for players, parents & coaches (1:09:02)

Thanks as always for tuning into the show! You can follow Jesse on Twitter at @TheGodfather_O!

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Send in your questions for the next episode by commenting below or via email at and check back Monday morning for the announcement of our next guest on the show!

Stay safe & stay blessed! -AB

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