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Listen Now to Episode 9 - Featuring Jonny Kovach

Northwestern's DPP, Jonny Kovach jumps on air with us to talk shop on recruiting, roster management and even a little bit on the never ending MJ vs LeBron debate!

In this week's edition of Up Close In Personnel, we focus on the commonalities among high performers in the world of recruiting and hone in on the roster management side of recruiting. From Jonny's own unique story and journey through athletics, to how he learns and networks, to the strategy behind scholarship allocation, we covered just about everything.

Learning from the people around him daily and "being a sponge", Jonny brings a ton of advice on how he's been able to find success at multiple Power 5 programs and navigate the college football recruiting industry.

Whether you're a recruit or someone in the business, this episode is for you!

For those of you that like to skip around to specific topics, here's your weekly guide:

Ep. 9 - Jonny Kovach - The Numbers Game: Roster Management in the World of College Football

  • "The Last Dance" Aftermath (2:45)

  • Recruiting During COVID-19 (7:35)

  • Being REAL & RELENTLESS in Recruiting (9:36)

  • Identifying Program Fit: "Doing Your Due Dilligence" (12:00)

  • Best Recruiters That Jonny Has Been Around (16:10)

  • Learning from People Around You: "Be A Sponge" (24:33)

  • Influences Outside of Football (36:38)

  • Jonny's Journey To The Windy City (39:22)

  • Networking With a Purpose (47:26)

  • Topic of the Week: Roster Management (53:01)

  • Scholarship Allocation & Forecasting (1:03:03)

  • Walk-On Program Development (1:09:35)

  • The Fluidity of Your Scholarship Board (1:15:07)

  • Listener Questions (1:18:22)

  • Sendoff Advice for Recruits, Parents & Coaches (1:28:24)

Thanks for listening and you can follow Jonny on Twitter at @JonnyKovach

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Send in your questions for the next episode by commenting below or via email at and check my Twitter on Monday for the announcement of our next guest on the show!

Thank you as always for your time, stay blessed & stay safe! -AB

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